AML Statuses

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This page sets out possible statuses and explanatory status codes for AML Screening & Monitoring.

• No risk code is generated for AML Screening & Monitoring.
• To confirm potential hits or rule them out as false positives, you must have AML Investigation configured.


Possible statuses include:

Screening only
Description: The clientId exists and screening is pending.

Action: Wait for the next status.
Screening only
Description: The clientId wasn't found.

Action: Ensure you have created a client profile for this client or check the clientId is correct.
Screening and monitoring
Description: The client has already been screened/monitored today.

Action: Try again tomorrow.
Screening only
Description: You made a Start screening request for a monitoring client.

Action: Update the client's profile, setting monitoringType to 1 and re-start the screening.
Screening and monitoring
Description: A system error occurred.

Action: Try again.
Screening only
Description: Screening is in progress.

Action: Wait for the next status.
Screening and monitoring
Description: We found a potential hit that requires AML Investigation.

Action: Wait.
Screening and monitoring
Description: Investigation is in progress.

Action: Wait.
Screening and monitoring
Description: Screening/monitoring is completed.
If we found hits, check the status code for more information.

Action: If there are confirmed hits, download the Confirmed Hit Report.

Status flow diagram

The status pathway is as follows:

AML Screening & Monitoring

AML Screening & Monitoring status flow

Status codes

Statuses can be accompanied by one or multiple of the following status codes:

Status codeDescription
100False positive sanctions or adverse media hit
110False positive PEP hit
120Confirmed PEP hit
140Potential sanctions or adverse media hit
141Potential PEP hit
1000Data successfully validated
4110Confirmed sanctions or adverse media hit
4112Confirmed sensitivity list hit
4160More hits than agreed threshold

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