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Fourthline’s documents products offer peace of mind that you are onboarding clients with valid, authentic, and uncompromized ID documents. We support a wide variety of passports, driving licenses, national ID cards, and residence permits.

We offer the following:

Document PhotoThe client provides photos of their ID document.
We check that the document is fully visible and valid, and then extract the document data.
Document LivenessWe record a 10-second video of the ID document, and then check any security features and that the document is authentic.
Document NFCWe check if the NFC chip embedded in the ID document is authentic and uncompromised, and then extract and verify the data.

Document Photo

The client provides photos of their ID document (at least 1 per side) and we check that the document is fully visible and valid, and then extract the document data.

When the client enters the module, they first select the issuing country of their ID document and then the document type from the list of supported ID documents for that country.

Document selection

Client selects ID document issuing country and type

The client positions their ID document within the mask and the photo is either auto-captured (if supported) or the client taps the button (can vary per integration option). The client confirms the photo or tries again.

Fourthline extracts the client’s personal data from the MRZ and/or VIZ and displays the details. The client confirms the document details or tries again.

Client takes document photo

Client takes document photo

If configured, the client enters their contact details.

Client enters contact details

Client enters contact details

Fourthline performs the following checks:

Self-captureThe client took the document photos themselves during the workflow using the device camera, and they were not inserted via captures, camera roll or library sources, or by any third party.
Image qualityGood quality photos of all required sides of the document are provided so that we can assess it correctly.
Personal dataAll data groups are present and correct any typos or misread data, following the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) transliteration standard in Doc 9303: Machine Readable Travel Documents.
ValidityThe ID document is currently valid.
AgeThe client is the minimum supported age or older.
Supported documentYou and Fourthline both support the document type and issuing country.
Document conditionThe document is in acceptable condition.
Document addressIf present, Fourthline can extract the client's address from the ID document as raw data.
Document issuing countryIf the client doesn't specify the issuing country in the UI, Fourthline can extract it from the document.
DiacriticsFourthline can recognize special characters with diacritics in the VIZ and share the raw data with you.

Second ID document

If a country requires clients to provide a photo of a second ID document, you can include an additional module that follows the same capture flow as the primary document.

Second ID document flow

Second ID document module

A Fourthline human agent performs the following checks:

Genuine photoThe photo is of the actual ID document, not a photo of a photo.Check
Image qualityThe image quality of the photo is acceptable.Check
ValidityThe ID document is valid at the time of the product flow.Check
Document conditionThe ID document is in acceptable condition.Check
Portrait matchThe person in the document portrait is the same as the primary ID document.Check
Supported documentYou and Fourthline both support the document type and issuing country.Check

Tax number

If you need to collect the client's TIN and any other tax information, you can include an additional module to capture the TIN from the relevant document.

Fourthline's UI offers customized flows for:

  • Dutch burgerservicenummer (BSN)
  • Italian codice fiscale
  • Spanish número de identificación fiscal (NIF), Documento Nacional de Identidad (DNI), or número de identidad de extranjero (NIE)

The client enters the TIN module, takes photos of the required side(s) of the document, and confirms the number has been correctly extracted.

TIN module

TIN module

Document Liveness

While the client takes the document photo(s), Fourthline records a 10-second video.

In addition to the Document Photo checks, we perform the following checks:

Genuine videoThe document video is authentic and not a video of a video. A human agent checks for deep fakes.
Security featuresThe security features are present and clearly visible in the document photos and video. If our AI agent cannot detect them, a human agent reviews the images.
AuthenticityThe ID document is authentic based on the photo(s) and video.

Document NFC

Fourthline checks if the client's ID document contains an embedded NFC chip and if their device supports near-field communication (NFC). If supported, the client enters the NFC module and is guided to scan the chip with their device.

Document NFC increases security and enables more automation for faster processing, but adds some friction to the user experience.

Near Field Communication (NFC)

Document NFC

Fourthline uses the ID document number and expiry date, and the client’s date of birth extracted during Document Photo or Liveness to create a key to unlock the chip. If we can't create a key, we use the card access number (CAN) provided by the client or in the VIZ. We extract the chip data and display it to the client to confirm.

Fourthline checks that the chip is authentic and uncompromised. We ensure that all data groups are available, and then extract and cross-check the following data against the MRZ and VIZ, relying most on the chip data quality:

  • First and last name(s) and full legal name
  • Date of birth
  • Sex
  • Document number and type, issuing country, issue date (if present) and expiry date
  • Nationality
  • Place of birth (if present)

We check that the color portrait of the client on the chip matches the monochrome portrait on the ID document.

More information
For the complete list of supported ID documents and all checks we perform, request our CDD Policy from your implementation manager.
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