Bank Account Verification

Product overview

Bank Account Verification verifies that the client holds a bank account with another financial institution and is the same person previously verified in a Fourthline Identity Verification.

The client transfers 10 cents to Fourthline via their own bank. We receive the funds, reconcile the payment, and then refund the client’s account within 3 business days. We automatically match the international bank account number (IBAN) and account holder name provided by the client to the bank account used for the payment.

Use Bank Account Verification in your Identity Verification solution, in combination with Qualified Electronic Signature, to offer a BaFin-compliant onboarding flow in Germany.

How it works

The flow is as follows:

Reference payment

The client starts the Bank Account Verification workflow.

Start bank account verification

Introduction screen

They are redirected to the Klarna payment interface, where they select their bank. Klarna displays the payment details and the client agrees to pay.

Then, Klarna redirects the client to their banking environment, where they authorize the payment.

Klarna payment interface

Klarna payment interface

Payment confirmation

The client returns to the Bank Account Verification workflow and Fourthline displays if the payment was successful.

Transfer screens

Transfer screens

Next steps
Learn how to include Bank Account Verification in your Identity Verification solution.
For a standalone use case, see the Integration Guide.

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