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Fourthline risk scores capture our assessment of the level of risk a client poses you.

Under the 5AMLD, financial service providers must take a risk-based approach to safeguarding the financial system. You are required maintain an audit trail of all risk scores.

We provide risk scores for the following case types:

How it works

The risk score for each case is generated in the Case Review Portal and shared with you as soon as we finish processing the case.

Using our proprietary scoring methodology, we calculate the risk score based on more than 250 checks and, if required, Italian branch checks or any product-specific checks.

Risk scoreRisk code

When human agents audit completed cases, they can't change original checks or risk scores.

Italian branch specifics

Italian regulators require you to request the following 7 additional data points from the client during Identity Verification:

Data pointDescription
Age of clientHow old the client is
Product typeWhat type of product the client makes, or the type of work they do
Sector of activityThe industry where the client works
Place of work activityWhere the client works
Main source of income /
Origin of funds
How the client earns their money, or where their funds came from
PEP status disclosed by clientWhether the client disclosed that they are a PEP of their own accord
Watchlist resultsWhether there are any AML hits for the client

We then run these checks through our scoring methodology and add them to the total, which may lead to a higher risk score (e.g. from low to medium, or medium to high) but not to a lower or an unacceptable score.

More information
See Fourthline's CDD Policy – Appendix C, which is available on request.

Product-specific checks

For Client Authentication and Document Authentication, we run the following extra checks (compared to the client's original Identity Verification case) through the scoring methodology:

Client AuthenticationDocument Authentication
Geolocation matchBirth date and place
IP address matchFirst name
Selfie photo comparisonLast name
Selfie video comparisonNationality


Periodically re-verifying clients significantly reduces your risk of non-compliance with evolving regulations. It also helps you better understand who your clients are and how best to serve them.

Based on the risk score from the client's Identity Verification case during onboarding, we recommend doing new Identity Verifications at the following intervals:

Risk scoreRe-KYC
LowEvery 3 years
MediumEvery 2 years
HighEvery 1 year

How to get risk scores

We share the risk score in:

Download reports via our API by making either of the following requests with the relevant workflowId:

For any questions, contact your implementation manager.

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