Client Authentication Integration

Integration guide

This page provides a step-by-step guide on how to integrate Client Authentication.


Before you begin your integration, make sure you have the following in place:



Set up handling for the Client Authentication statuses.


Set up a webhook and handling for the Client Authentication notifications.


Discuss with your implementation manager the following configuration option:

Required dataWhich data points in Create Client Authentication > clientData you require


Fourthline's platform is built to detect real faces. This means, by the nature of our business, we can't provide dummy photos, files, or data for testing.

To test your Client Authentication solution:

  1. Use the real faces and data of your colleagues to create test cases in the sandbox environment.

  2. To safeguard the privacy of your colleagues and their data, when you have finished testing, contact your implementation manager to delete all testing data from the sandbox.

More information
For more information about how Fourthline protects data, see Security & Compliance.

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