Client Authentication Statuses

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This page sets out possible statuses, explanatory status codes, CDD Report availability, and risk codes for Client Authentication.

In addition to checking the status in webhook notifications, you can check the status of a specific Client Authentication case any time via a Get Client Authentication status request.


Possible statuses include:

newThe case is successfully created.Wait.
pendingWe are validating the data.
Status code: 100
inconsistent_dataWe found inconsistent data.Retry.
Status codes: 3000 series
invalid_dataWe found invalid data.Retry.
Status codes: 3000 series
completedWe have processed the case.
For our recommendation to accept or reject it, see the risk code.
Download the CDD Report.
Status codes: 40005000 series
Risk codes: 200 or 500

Status flow diagram

The pathways for statuses are as follows:

Risk codes

Possible risk codes include:

Risk codeRisk score

Status codes

Statuses can be accompanied by one or multiple of the following status codes:

100: Data validation

This series includes:

Status codeDescriptionAction
1000The data has been successfully validated.Wait for the next status notification.

3000: Sendback reasons

This series includes:

Status codeDescriptionAction
3100Selfie photo too brightUpload a new selfie.
3101Selfie photo too darkUpload a new selfie.
3102Selfie photo too blurryUpload a new selfie.
3103Selfie poor qualityUpload a new selfie.
3104Inadequate selfieUpload a new selfie.
3105Not the same personCreate a new case.
3107Face not fully visible or within frameUpload a new selfie.
3500No geolocation providedUpload a new selfie with the client's geolocation.
3510Geolocation is in a prohibited countryUpload a new selfie with the geolocation in a supported country.
3540Device metadata inconsistentCreate a new case.
3600Video too brightUpload a new selfie video.
3601Video too darkUpload a new selfie video.
3602Video too blurryUpload a new selfie video.
3603Video poor qualityUpload a new selfie video.
3610Inadequate videoUpload a new selfie video.
3620Liveness features not visibleUpload a new selfie video.

4000: Rejection reasons

You cannot retry.

This series includes:

Status codeDescription
4145Geolocation is prohibited
4190Other rejected
4192Video rejected
4200Assisted selfie
4202Assisted video

5000: Fraud reasons

You cannot retry.

This series includes:

Status codeDescription
5200Selfie tampering
5201Selfie tampering - Photo of a photo
5202Selfie tampering - Different person
5210Biometric verification
5600Video tampering
5601Different person in video
5610Video other fraud
5900Other fraud

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