Italian Solution Integration

Integration guide


This page provides guidance on preparing to integrate the Italian Identity Verification solution via the App Drop-in, Web SDK, or API only.

This solution includes:

European Identity Verification
Market-specific data:
• City where the client works
• Product they produce
• Sector in which they work
• Self-declared PEP status
• Source of income
• Tax information
Document NFC
Qualified Electronic Signature

Before you begin your integration, make sure you have the following in place:


  • You need your Fourthline API key.
  • Agree with your implementation manager the identifiers of your product and market-specific workflows. For default options, see Create workflow.


Set up handling for Identity Verification statuses.


Set up a webhook and handling for Identity Verification notifications.


Discuss with your implementation manager your requirements for Identity Verification configuration.

User guide

For more information on integrating this solution, see Identity Verification Integration:

For any questions, contact your implementation manager.

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