Italian Solution Integration

Integration guide

App Drop-in guide

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to integrate the Italian Identity Verification solution with the App Drop-in.

Before you begin, make sure you have completed the following:


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Italian solution App Drop-in flow

Italian solution App Drop-in flow

1. Authenticate

Create an access token to authenticate in our API:

  • You provide your Fourthline API key.
  • You receive an access_token.

API Reference – Create access token

For security, access tokens are valid for 1 hour only.
If your token expires, make another Create access token request.

2. Create workflow

Create an Italian workflow, providing your unique identifier for the client:

  • You specify the workflowName and provide your unique identifier for the client.
  • You receive a workflowId and a Fourthline clientId.

API Reference – Create workflow

Status: The Identity Verification case status changes to new.

Upload identity data

If configured, upload relevant identity data:

  • You provide the verificationId and relevant data points.
  • A successful response is empty.

API Reference – Upload identity data

3. Create SDK session

Create the App Drop-in session:

  • You provide the workflowId.
  • You receive a validationCode to pass to the SDK in your backend.

API Reference – Create SDK session

• SDK validation codes are single use and expire after 2 hours.
• If the client stops in the middle of the workflow, you need to create a new SDK session.
• When the client closes the app, the validationCode is invalidated and cleared from the cache.

Status: The case status changes to one of the following and we send the relevant webhook notification:

pendingThe data is valid.Wait for the next status.
invalid_dataWe found invalid or missing data.Create a new workflow.

Status: The case status then changes to one of the following and we send a webhook notification:

inconsistent_dataWe found inconsistent data.Create a new workflow.
completedWe have processed the case.
For our recommendation to accept or reject the client, see the risk code.
Download the CDD Report.

Check case status

When you receive webhook notifications, we recommend also requesting the full case details:

  • You provide the verificationId (same value as the workflowId).
  • You receive all the data on the case.

API Reference – Get case status

4. Download CDD Report

When the case status is completed, download the CDD Report zipfile:

  • You provide the workflowId.
  • A successful response is empty and the report is downloaded.

API Reference – Get CDD zipfile

You have integrated the Italian solution for your app!

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